We’re being sent out Sun Aug 25!

Greetings friends! Its been an amazing journey of the Lord’s presence and power.  We are almost ready to be sent out as ‘bivocational church planters’ into Stearns County, MN.  We will stay in Sauk Centre for a year helping make disciples there, and working at a machine tool shop- an amazing provision from God for our finances.  After that year of training and team-building, we will be looking to be full-time in St. Cloud MN to minister there.

As you may already know, we feel most passionate about engaging young families, young married and dating couples, and college students/young adults with the gospel message, inviting them into our lives for deeper relationships, and grounding new believers in the worship, community, and mission of simple new testament churches.  Whether in Sauk Centre or St. Cloud, or helping develop leaders in other MN cities…this is who we are!

Please join us Sunday Aug 25, for our final message ‘God’s Promised Spirit’ as we look at the Spirit’s role in our mission as His Church.  We will be ‘sent out’ as in Acts 13, when church elders will gather around us and pray to commission us into God’s calling for our family.

Love you and see you soon!  Please drop by our home or call us anytime to connect.  You can also reach Anna or I on facebook.  Be encouraged by our Lord Jesus today!

Jeff, Anna, and the boys


1 month and counting…help send us off!

Thank you for praying, asking questions, connecting with us for a coffee, etc.  The conversations, the financial support, the relational connections in Stearns County and St. Cloud, have all been a huge lift to our hearts.  We are now down to the final 5% of our goal, only $220/month to fundraise to be a bivocational family for church planting- We will be sent out by our church family at Lake Community Church’s morning worship Sunday August 25th, and then the next chapter of our lives begins!

There are a few key things we are persistently asking the Lord for;

1) To sell our home here in Alexandria, so we can be free to move to Stearns County.  You can share the listing here- http://www.counselorcorner.com/521-10th-ave-w-alexandria-mn/.  Call Sandy Jackson, our realtor, at 320-815-6687!

2) To help lead Jeff to the best fit for a bivocational part-time job in the Sauk Centre marketplace.  Email him if you have a lead!  Here’s a great exerpt from an article you go to see the full spread...”We believe there is a better way. We want to train church planters from our own church to plant new churches in our own community. They don’t have to move their families. They don’t have to find new jobs. They don’t have to strike out on their own. We can pour into them, help them develop their spiritual gifts, help them discover their unique calling, help them find a neighborhood that needs a gospel church, and ultimately help them form a church planting team.”

3) To find the best place possible for Anna, Jeff, and our three boys to grow and be used for His ministry.  We are hoping we can sell our home in Alex in the next two months, so we could rent in Sauk during our church planting residency for Sep 13-May 14.  We then will be looking to move to St Cloud in the summer of 2014.

Help us go into church planting and build a movement!

Join our “Philippian Partners” team and help give funds, pray, or connect us with people that have passion to see the gospel transform the most unreached communities of central MN. Fill out the online form here.
If you’d rather simply give financially, without any further commitment to our support team, you can use PayPal- a secure and free way to donate. Click here to give by using PayPal online.

the journey we are on

Update!  Our baby boy Silas came 4 weeks early! We are now a family of 5, and both momma and baby are doing great.  We are all home and loving life adjusting to things as a semi-pro basketball team….yes, Anna can dunk.  Also, it is exciting we are at 75% of our bivocational fundraising goal, with only another $800/month to fundraise this summer before the fall.  More more vision stuff, read below. If you’d like to see ways you can help us be fully funded, go here!  http://fundly.com/central-mn-church-movement

Over the last two years especially, our heart has been burdened for young adults, couples, and families who know very little about Jesus, even though they would call themselves ‘Christians’.  1 in every 3 adults under 40 considers themself a ‘none’ or religiously not affiliated.  But interestingly, 9 out of 10 of these younger adults would be happy to talk about Jesus with you if you asked them.  We love to gather smaller groups of our friends, and invited friends (and uninvited friends!) into our home and have ‘church’ in a more relational way.

Please pray for these next 6 months as we prepare to leave our home in Alexandria and move into Stearns County with a focus to reach out to young families, couples, and adults (75% of the population is 43 yrs old).  Pray for the students and families we will leave as we will be sent from our home church of Lake Community in Alexandria.  Our desire is to see our own ‘Judea’ or kinsmen of central MN to see the power of the Jesus’ death and resurrection, and the beauty of simply following Jesus with other friends who want to care for their community they live in.

For  more on the vision to restore central MN communities with the power of the gospel, go to https://vimeo.com/62218690

We would love to connect with you soon, and show you how you too can be deeply involved in this gospel movement in central MN.