Hey there, friends!  We are Jeff and Anna Pankratz, with our three rowdy boys Justus, Jason, and the third still inside moms tummy.  The two brothers call him ‘baby boom’, and he is due in July.  Over the last 13 years, we have been directed and guided by God to pour our lives out into young adults and young families who need a practical experience with God’s grace and mercy.  We have a passion to share with anyone the depths of God’s absolute holiness and sacrificial love, so amazingly demonstrated by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are from Alexandria, MN and central MN can be a hard place to live in (at least from November to March in MN winters!).  It is also a mysterious place when it comes to knowing Jesus as your Lord and Master.  Many here claim to be ‘Christian’ but know very little about Jesus, how he lived his life, what he taught, and especially why he needed to die and rise again.  We simply want to enter into this mystery with others, making sense of Jesus by talking a lot about the Bible, and what it means to live out Jesus’ mission with others.

Anna is passionate about being a stay at home mom, connected to other moms in meaningful ways, and also pouring her heart into young women in their journey to knowing and loving Jesus.  Jeff is ‘annoyingly’ persistent when it comes to meeting others, sharing his story how Jesus reached him in his college party years, and how young men, dads, and husbands can follow Jesus in real terms.  His passion is to see every young man in central MN open their Bibles, and read it with their girlfriends, wives, and kids.

Together, you can find us hanging out with our boys- wrestling and laughing with them while getting toys jammed between their back vertebrae (for real!).  You can also find us leading ‘gospel communities’ in living rooms, coffee shops, or smaller venues.  Gospel Communities are simply small groups of Jesus-followers who meet weekly for prayer, worship, scripture, sharing lives and good food…yum.  We love to just rest with friends, inviting God’s Spirit to minister to us, so we can bless the community we live in.

Thank you for stopping by our blog, and facebook us to get to know us better.  We’d love to hear your story and connect soon.


Jeff and Anna Pankratz, and the ‘trifecta of boys’


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