Rediscover the simple spontaneity of joyful churches- “Acts” course starts Feb 11!



We are so excited when churches and ministry leaders can come together for the purpose of building up Jesus’ Kingdom in our midst.  Thats why we did a little jig when Pastor Joe Williquette and his church in Albany MN agreed to host our next Antioch School course…and we think the school’s best course….the “Acts Course” walking men and women through the book of Acts and rediscovering the mission of the church and power of the gospel.   We will meet together every other Tue night, 6:30-8pm beginning Tue Feb 11th and ending the course Tue May 20th.  You can also join us via google hangouts online!

It is an exciting time to see a regional collective of churches and ministry leaders come together.  Hosting the course in Albany, MN will be a great location to see people come from all over Stearns County and central MN.  Please pray for our regional collective of churches and ministry leaders, for unity in the gospel, and passion to advance His mission further into communities still in need of gospel-centered churches.

If you have any questions about this incredible opportunity in our region, call me (Jeff) at 320-760-5286.

We would love for you, or anyone else wanting this training, to join us in person or online!

COURSE DESCRIPTION- “Acts: Keys to the Establishment and Expansion of the First Century Church”

Course Objective:

This class will help you identify the fundamental biblical principles that are to guide the mission of the church and its role in missions as observed in Acts, with a view to thinking through their implications for missions today. Specifically, this means that each person is this class will:

  • Gain an understanding of the establishment and expansion of the first-century church and the timeless supra-cultrual biblical principles for continuing this work in the twenty-first century;
  • Determine a biblical definition of “missionary” and “missionary work”;
  • Identify the core elements of Paul’s missionary strategy and think through their implications for making disciples and multiplying churches today;
  • Understand and begin to personally pursue the kind of qualifications necessary for those who sense God’s call to assist Him in building His church including the needed training to develop those qualities.

Course Units:

Date           Discussion

Feb 11/Feb 25      Unit 1:   Keys from Acts
Mar 11/Mar 25    Unit 2:   The Role of the Local Church in Fulfilling the Great Commission
Apr 8/Apr 22       Unit 3:   The Core Model: The Pauline Strategy
May 6/May 20    Unit 4:   Networking, Organizations, and the Local Church
Final Party TBA  Unit 5:   Designing a Missions Strategy for a Local Church