christ-centered community, christ-less community

Thanks for reading our fall update!  A real quick word about us- we hope to be moving down the freeway to Sauk Centre this December and the first month of being bivocational church planters is in the bag!  Anna and I have been convicted to be in prayer on Wednesday nights 9pm-9:30pm, so if you’d like to pray with us for His Spirit to direct, lead and empower His mission please facebook me, Jeff Pankratz, or email me at  The math teaching job at Sauk Centre High School is going marvelous, and the Lord is building some great relationships.  One of our teachers friends is now in my mens discipleship group on Monday mornings, and Anna has been invited into a womens fellowship group…all is good!

We have made some great initial contacts with friends from Osakis and Sauk Centre to gather to make disciples, and also groups in Fargo, Carlos/Miltona, and some new contacts in Brandon who are interested in gathering together to make followers of Jesus in their own cities.  Thursdays Jeff plans on traveling down to St Cloud to continue connections there, as there are some great friendships forming around the gospel there in the city, and beginning to merge into a network that would want to see simple gospel ministry and churches formed.  Pray for Jeff’s friend he will speak with this Thursday, that Jeff would just listen and love on this man with Jesus’ heart.

The title of this post eludes to an article and video on I just watched titled “A Godless Service coming to a church near you”

I would encourage you to watch it, and learn from it.  Learn and listen from their story of why they do what they do.  What turned off this couple to typical church and Christianity as a system?  Why did they have a ‘crisis of faith’ and empathize with people like this.  Why?  When we listen to people’s stories, without judging things too quickly, we enter their own world as Jesus did, and meaningfully can love and address the core things of the heart.  The gospel begins with GO, so let’s go to all of our friends, neighbors, and co-workers, listening to their own stories before being too quick to share ours and Jesus’ story.

As we intentionally enter the lives of the people around us, as Jesus did, we are seeing so many opportunities to listen, pray, serve and even share the awesome Gospel message we have been entrusted with.  As we invite people into true community with us and our Jesus-centered gatherings, people see the true essence of what church is- Jesus-followers that actually care for one another and show the Gospel!

Thank you for praying that those living lives without Jesus Christ, would be won to Jesus by His grace and truth poured out through His death on the cross and resurrection from the grave.  It is the Fathers immense love for sinners like me, and His intense hatred for sin, that compelled Him to crush His only Son in our place.  Lets be filled by His Spirt with joy and amazement at How amazing our Father God is, and how awesome our coming King Jesus will be in the clouds one day soon!



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