Why do we think we can do counseling, without the True Counselor?

Could we gather together, and sharpen others who have a heart to truly care for people’s souls in biblical counseling?

Read the post and scroll to the bottom for course information this fall-

“Were going to counseling.”  Those words sometimes strike shame in peoples hearts, who admit they need help.  In our culture and age, those words are often seen as negative because of what ‘counseling’ is.  No one truly wants to ‘go to counseling’ but we all would admit we need help in this life to sort ourselves out…all of us would admit we need ‘counselors’.  The Scriptures called Jesus a ‘Wonderful Counselor’ (Isaiah 9:6).  We should not feel shame for wanting a Counselor, or His wonderful counseling…instead, dont we all need this kind of counseling every day? Every hour?  The early church was committed to the Way of Jesus in sherpherding, caring, and counseling people. They were committed to the way Jesus did things, and they didn’t need any other way.  They had the Holy Spirit as their ‘counselor’ or ‘comforter’ or ‘helper’ (John 14:26), and they ministered in His power as they waited on the Lord in prayer for themselves and others.  Counseling was done in the community of the churches, not by paid professionals, but people gifted to shepherd and care for people needing help through life’s challenges.

Pastor, author and speaker Paul David Tripp has a great little video on the topic, and the important of the centrality of the gospel in counseling others.  vimeo.com/24837839

Register here to Join us for a course offering this fall, hosted by Antioch School and Central MN Church Movement, called “Shepherding, Counseling and the Early Church”.  We will gather with other developing and current ministry leaders from various walks of life, Tue nights 7-8:45pm beginning September 24th and going through Dec 17th.  Registration deadline next Tuesday!



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