We’re being sent out Sun Aug 25!

Greetings friends! Its been an amazing journey of the Lord’s presence and power.  We are almost ready to be sent out as ‘bivocational church planters’ into Stearns County, MN.  We will stay in Sauk Centre for a year helping make disciples there, and working at a machine tool shop- an amazing provision from God for our finances.  After that year of training and team-building, we will be looking to be full-time in St. Cloud MN to minister there.

As you may already know, we feel most passionate about engaging young families, young married and dating couples, and college students/young adults with the gospel message, inviting them into our lives for deeper relationships, and grounding new believers in the worship, community, and mission of simple new testament churches.  Whether in Sauk Centre or St. Cloud, or helping develop leaders in other MN cities…this is who we are!

Please join us Sunday Aug 25, for our final message ‘God’s Promised Spirit’ as we look at the Spirit’s role in our mission as His Church.  We will be ‘sent out’ as in Acts 13, when church elders will gather around us and pray to commission us into God’s calling for our family.

Love you and see you soon!  Please drop by our home or call us anytime to connect.  You can also reach Anna or I on facebook.  Be encouraged by our Lord Jesus today!

Jeff, Anna, and the boys

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