the journey we are on

Update!  Our baby boy Silas came 4 weeks early! We are now a family of 5, and both momma and baby are doing great.  We are all home and loving life adjusting to things as a semi-pro basketball team….yes, Anna can dunk.  Also, it is exciting we are at 75% of our bivocational fundraising goal, with only another $800/month to fundraise this summer before the fall.  More more vision stuff, read below. If you’d like to see ways you can help us be fully funded, go here!

Over the last two years especially, our heart has been burdened for young adults, couples, and families who know very little about Jesus, even though they would call themselves ‘Christians’.  1 in every 3 adults under 40 considers themself a ‘none’ or religiously not affiliated.  But interestingly, 9 out of 10 of these younger adults would be happy to talk about Jesus with you if you asked them.  We love to gather smaller groups of our friends, and invited friends (and uninvited friends!) into our home and have ‘church’ in a more relational way.

Please pray for these next 6 months as we prepare to leave our home in Alexandria and move into Stearns County with a focus to reach out to young families, couples, and adults (75% of the population is 43 yrs old).  Pray for the students and families we will leave as we will be sent from our home church of Lake Community in Alexandria.  Our desire is to see our own ‘Judea’ or kinsmen of central MN to see the power of the Jesus’ death and resurrection, and the beauty of simply following Jesus with other friends who want to care for their community they live in.

For  more on the vision to restore central MN communities with the power of the gospel, go to

We would love to connect with you soon, and show you how you too can be deeply involved in this gospel movement in central MN.